The Gardens at Park Balboa

14 February 2021
by Dion Gallarza Executive Director
The Gardens at Park Balboa Covid-19 Update 2.12.2021

I am informing you that from our Covid-19 testing on 2/09/2021 all results are in and we have no new positive cases. We also have no current positives in isolation. We are excited for our first upcoming vaccine clinic tomorrow, Saturday, February 13.  Our second dose of vaccine is scheduled for March 6, 2021. Weekly COVID-19 testing will still continue as directed by the Department of Public Health.

 2.12.2021 at 5 p.m  Residents  Staff
 New Positives Since Last Update  0  0
  Total Positives  31  15
 Current Positives in Isolation  0  0
 Deaths  2  0
 Resolved Positive Cases  31  15
 Vaccine Date  2/13/2021  2/13/2021
 Vaccinated  4  2

We celebrated the Chinese New Year today with a wonderful Chinese-inspired dinner featuring orange chicken, steamed rice, stir fry vegetables and egg rolls. Sunday, February 14, we will be hosting a great Valentine’s Day celebration with entertainment, champagne and assorted desserts. Residents already have created their own personalized champagne glass during our art classes. We would like to thank the Girl Scouts  of Troop #1157 for all the heartfelt cards and letters they sent to our residents.

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by Dion Gallarza

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