Exciting Improvements

20 April 2022
by Dion Gallarza Area Executive Director
Series of Improvements and Upgrades

Dear Gardens Residents, Families, & Friends,
We would like to update you on some exciting improvements we’re making to the community.

As you may or may not know, we recently made some upgrades to our activity room, including new wood flooring and new carpeting in our main hallways.

Now, it’s time for our lobby to get a fresh look. This Wednesday, April 20th, we will be installing new wood flooring in our front lobby, replacing the current green carpet. The work should all be done in two days.

Visitors will still be allowed, but may be redirected to an alternative entrance and exit. Residents using transportation will be getting on and off the bus next to the dog park where the bus is normally parked, as to limit foot traffic in the work area.

This is yet another in a series of improvements and upgrades we’re undergoing to provide an even better experience for you and your loved ones!

Thank you,
The Gardens at Park Balboa

by Dion Gallarza Area Executive Director

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