Covid-19 Transmission Update

07 December 2020
by Executive Director, Dion Gallarza
Covid-19 Transmission Update – Notification Letter to Residents and Family Members

Dear Gardens Friends and Families –

We want to update you regarding the results of our community wide testing that occurred last Monday. There are a total of 10 residents and 6 staff members that have tested positive. Of these 16 positive tests, only two people developed mild symptoms following testing; one resident and one staff member. We are monitoring these residents closely, taking vital signs every 4 hours to ensure any change in condition is detected and responded to promptly. The affected staff members are at home in quarantine until they are cleared by Los Angeles Public Health to return.

We will be testing all staff and residents weekly until we have two consecutive weeks of no new positive results, as required by Los Angeles Public Health. We continue to encourage all residents to abide by the “stay at home” order, by remaining in their apartments, using masks when near staff, and washing hands regularly. We have all of the appropriate personal protective equipment on site to ensure infection control procedures are adhered to. We continue to utilize electrostatic disinfecting procedures throughout the community.

As you know, the community at large is experiencing a surge in positive Covid-19 cases. While there is never a good time for a “stay at home” order, I know it presents unique challenges around the holidays. Please rest assured we will do everything possible to not only care for our residents, but to ensure they have as much holiday celebration and spirit as the situation allows.

Lastly, we are receiving updates regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, and are being told we are just weeks away from receiving it. Seniors and healthcare staff members will be the first to receive it. We will update you as we receive more information.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and please call if you have any questions or concerns.


by Dion Gallarza

by Area Executive Director

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