Staff Bulletin Regarding Vaccine

27 January 2021
by Dion Gallarza Executive Director
Staff Bulletin Regarding Vaccine

Dear Employees of The Gardens at Park Balboa,

I want to share with you the direction we are heading as it relates to how we are going to handle employee COVID-19 vaccinations.

We serve a frail, vulnerable population and we believe it is every employee’s responsibility to do everything possible to ensure we do not carry infection into our communities.

Because of this, we want to let you know that we are moving toward requiring all staff to be vaccinated. Within the next week we will provide the specific deadline by which staff must be vaccinated. Anyone who has not been vaccinated (and is not exempt) by that future date will ultimately be taken off the schedule.

So, February 13th you have the opportunity to receive the vaccination, at no charge. In fact, we will pay you two hours to come in and be vaccinated if you are not already scheduled to work.

The safety of our residents requires everyone’s commitment to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, so PLEASE, receive your vaccination on February 13th.


by Dion Gallazra

by Executive Director

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at Park Balboa

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