Events at senior living in Van Nuys, CA

Full Calendar of Events

Each month we fill the calendar with events and activities which reflect our residents’ interests and curiosities. Every day brings a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the opportunity to hone a skill or branch out into something completely new. Together we stretch, we learn, and we celebrate. Some of our regular events include:

Our families and residents always have a direct influence on what appears on the activities calendar. We encourage and embrace resident and family feedback and suggestions for favorite activities and new adventures.

The Gardens at Park Balboa

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7046 Kester Avenue Van Nuys, CA 91405

Our community speaks at The Gardens at Park Balboa in Van Nuys

The Community Speaks, We Listen

Some of our most engaging clubs and indeed our most thrilling events have been designed by our own residents. We fully support individuals and groups who wish to explore interests in music, gardening, current events, politics, volunteering, or whatever creates a spark.

For example, in 2008, talented residents of The Gardens and our sister community formed RejuveNATION, a choral group whose joyous musical performance became a short film entitled, “Happy Together", selected by Pangea as part of their Pangea Day global celebration of 2008.

On the calendar or in the Resident Council Meeting, residents stay active and involved in their assisted living community. Schedule a tour today to see what’s happening this month at The Gardens at Park Balboa.