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Safe Haven Accommodations

A primary goal of Safe Haven is to create a calm environment which reduces disorientation, a common and often devastating symptom of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Communal living areas encourage residents to connect with their environment and community, while also providing a comfortable space for quiet and rest. Our trained and compassionate care staff support the highest possible level of freedom and mobility, ensuring immediate assistance as needed. Safe Haven accommodations consist of 19 beds in both private rooms and companion suites.

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Safe Haven Rates

At the Safe Haven community, we have a unique process on how we determine care fees for our residents. Residents are assessed with our advanced assessment tool, which provides elaborate details on how much care they need ranging in “directed, guided, or accompanied”. Resident care fees are based on this three-tiered service package determined by the in-depth assessment.

Directed – In this level, the residents are mobile but require verbal instructions to achieve their daily needs. We create a soothing and relaxing environment to reduce the stress and agitation associated with dementia using interaction and subtle direction.

Guided – The resident who are in this “guided level” are steered but they need more than the routine reminders. Often, they require some assistance with their gait, meals, and/or toileting reminders. We use hands-on directions and physical interaction to promote wellbeing and independence.

Accompanied – This third level is our highest level of care. In this level, our Health Service Director has determined that the resident needs complete assistance with meals, changing, bathing, and/or all social activities. We often require direct interactions, sometimes with two caregivers to perform the five activities of daily living.

Our highly trained Safe Haven program manager and Director of Health Services are eager to speak with you and answer your questions about memory care, our philosophy, and person-centered care.

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